ER Corporate (Pty) Ltd

ER Corporate Administration

ER Corporate (Pty) Ltd is a specialized medical administration and training company and is part of the ER Group. ER Corporate manage 18 Emergency and other specialist practices across South Africa.

ER Corporate goes beyond pure financial administration to deliver turnkey solutions to its clients. Medical Practice is under increasing pressure to deliver clinical excellence in a difficult economic and litigious landscape. ER Corporate, through its comprehensive bouquet of services, takes care of almost every non-medical aspect of the business to allow the practice to concentrate on clinical service delivery.

The services offered by ER Corporate (Pty) Ltd encompass all aspects of administration including finance, IT, marketing, human resources and training.

The ER Training and Development Centre resides in ER Corporate and facilitates all aspects of training in the emergency medicine and administration environment as well as acting as a conference and event venue.

Training in the South African medical landscape is essential for the development of the healthcare system. Through a broad bouquet of emergency medical courses for doctors, nurses, paramedics and the public, the training centre completes the circle of services for the busy medical practitioner at any level.

Hygeia Nigeria Limited


Hygeia Nigeria Limited (Hygeia) is the leading West African provider of integrated healthcare. Hygeia began operating in 1986 at what has now become its flagship hospital, Lagoon Hospital Apapa, a multi-specialist tertiary facility in Lagos, Nigeria. Since then the company has expanded its business to include two further hospitals in the Ikeja and Victoria Island districts of Lagos as well as two subsidiaries operating in the Health Insurance market – Hygeia HMO and Hygeia Community Health Plan.
In May 2011 the Lagoon Hospitals became the first Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals in Sub Saharan Africa. The JCI is the worldwide leader in improving the quality of health care.

Hygeia HMO is a health maintenance organization providing managed care to over 250,000 individuals through a network of more than 1,200 providers across Nigeria. Hygeia Community Health plan is a donor funded initiative that aims to improve access to quality healthcare for low income groups in Nigeria, with over 75.000 members.

Over the next few years, with IFHA’s involvement, Hygeia will expand its hospital footprint by adding more sites across Nigeria as well as make a substantial investment in its HMO business.

Kampala Hospital Limited (KHL)

Kampala Hospital Limited

Kampala Hospital Limited (KHL) is an urban hospital in Uganda with significant growth potential. The total bed capacity is 109 of which 27 beds are currently in use, with another 30 beds almost ready for use with limited investments.

KHL is centrally located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, at Kololo Hill. KHL has a network of experienced, highly regarded and locally well networked specialist consultants from a wide range of specialities. Its service mix includes basic high volume services including maternity care, malaria-related care and simple theatre interventions.

KHL will be positioned as one of Kampala’s top mid-tier private hospitals.

Strategis Insurance (Tanzania) Limited


Strategis Insurance (Tanzania) Limited (Strategis) was the first private specialist health insurer to be registered in Tanzania and licensed by the Insurance Supervisory Department in March 2003. Today Strategis is the largest healthcare insurer in Tanzania and has contracted more than 100 private healthcare providers.

The objective of Strategis is to ‘increase access to healthcare and make healthcare relationship work.’

Strategis is a fully-fledged medical insurer and utilizes various service suppliers, both local and international, to ensure that its clients receive timeous and appropriate medical attention.

Pyramid Pharma Limited


Pyramid Pharma Limited (Pyramid Pharma) was established in 2001 as a wholesaler and retailer of quality pharmaceutical products and represented 13 regional and international pharmaceutical companies in Tanzania. As of 2003 Pyramid Pharma began to diversify its activities by starting regional pharmaceutical supply activities, in the south of the country (Ruvuma and Rukwa).

Pyramid Pharma strives to provide complete solutions for the needs of health care providers inTanzania. The company will be able to assist health care providers with not only medicines and supplies, but also with the maintenance and acquisition of their medical equipment and related supplies (e.g. reagents and X-ray films). Regional activities are mainly centered on wholesaling of pharmaceuticals to ADDOs, regional hospitals, and regional retail sales to individual customers.

Currently Pyramid Pharma is a regional company covering major urban areas and three provinces in Tanzania. The company’s strategy is to expand into other regions as well, to establish a nationwide distribution network and thus becoming the premier distributor of drugs, medical and laboratory equipment and supplies in the country.

Eco Health Limited


Eco Health Limited and its wholly-owned group companies World Wide Commercial Ventures Limited (Nigeria) and Worldwide Healthcare Limited (Ghana) are engaged in the wholesale and retail distribution of healthcare related products (ethical and generic pharmaceutical products, vaccines, medical equipment, reagents and supplies, over the counter products and veterinary medicine. The current operation in Anglophone West Africa is the largest private healthcare distribution business in this region.

In the (near) future Eco Health is looking to expand in Francophone West Africa and East Africa.

Hello Doctor (Pty) Limited


Hello Doctor (Pty) Limited started operations in 2010. Hello Doctor is an innovative company that deals with telemedicine and is the only full service, doctor-based call and contact centre in South Africa. Besides online healthcare assistance is Hello Doctor also visible in a weekly television show in which medical advice, tips and actual health and wellness case studies are given.

Hello Doctor has a close working partnership with the ER Group – the largest independent provider of emergency doctors in the South African healthcare market. With over 10 years of operational experience and 350 doctors in the network, ER Group offers highly trained medical experts all of whom are registered professionals and have undergone strict clinical proficiency credentialing.

Telemedicine is viewed to be the next big opportunity in health care. This is particularly the case in resource poor settings where there are insufficient medical personnel to meet the needs.

Sourcelink Healthcare Limited


The project in South Africa involves the set up of a medical disposables manufacturing plant in Johannesburg for the fully automated production of high quality medical disposables, including medical grade surgical masks, impervious protective gowns, disposable pillow cases and bed linens.