Hello Doctor (Pty) Limited

Investment: Hello Doctor (Pty) Limited
Sector: Care provisioning
Location: South Africa
Investment date: Sep 2010
Fund: IFHA-I
Deal type: Venture capital
Exit: Feb 2013


Hello Doctor (Pty) Limited started operations in 2010. Hello Doctor is an innovative company that deals with telemedicine and is the only full service, doctor-based call and contact centre in South Africa. Besides online healthcare assistance is Hello Doctor also visible in a weekly television show in which medical advice, tips and actual health and wellness case studies are given.

Hello Doctor has a close working partnership with the ER Group – the largest independent provider of emergency doctors in the South African healthcare market. With over 10 years of operational experience and 350 doctors in the network, ER Group offers highly trained medical experts all of whom are registered professionals and have undergone strict clinical proficiency credentialing.

Telemedicine is viewed to be the next big opportunity in health care. This is particularly the case in resource poor settings where there are insufficient medical personnel to meet the needs.