Pyramid Pharma Limited

Investment: Pyramid Pharma Limited
Sector: Pharmaceutical import- and distribution
Location: Tanzania
Investment date: Nov 2008
Fund: IFHA-I
Deal type: Growth capital
Exit: Jun 2015


Pyramid Pharma Limited (Pyramid Pharma) was established in 2001 as a wholesaler and retailer of quality pharmaceutical products and represented 13 regional and international pharmaceutical companies in Tanzania. As of 2003 Pyramid Pharma began to diversify its activities by starting regional pharmaceutical supply activities, in the south of the country (Ruvuma and Rukwa).

Pyramid Pharma strives to provide complete solutions for the needs of health care providers inTanzania. The company will be able to assist health care providers with not only medicines and supplies, but also with the maintenance and acquisition of their medical equipment and related supplies (e.g. reagents and X-ray films). Regional activities are mainly centered on wholesaling of pharmaceuticals to ADDOs, regional hospitals, and regional retail sales to individual customers.

Currently Pyramid Pharma is a regional company covering major urban areas and three provinces in Tanzania. The company’s strategy is to expand into other regions as well, to establish a nationwide distribution network and thus becoming the premier distributor of drugs, medical and laboratory equipment and supplies in the country.