Onno Schellekens


Onno Schellekens is co-founder, director and Partner at the Investment Funds for Health in Africa (IFHA). He has over 25 years of experience in technology, healthcare financing, and private equity. Onno is CEO of CarePay International, a mobile payment platform for healthcare, number 7 on the Fortune “Change the World 2020 list” a company IFHA invested in.

Prior to CarePay International Onno was the CEO of PharmAccess Group, a pioneer of HIV Aids treatment programs and health insurance in Africa. The specific approach to development attracts international attention, including a G20 prize for innovative financing presented by President Obama and two IFC/Financial Times essay awards. He was also one of the editors of two World Bank publication on health insurance in developing countries.

Onno has a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the university of Groningen and completed courses at Harvard Business School and INSEAD.