Eline Blaauboer


Eline Blaauboer has worked in the venture capital and private equity sector in both Europe and Africa for the last 22 years.

She started her career at Gilde Investment Management in the Netherlands focused on tech investments in Europe.

Since 2005 she has been focused on setting up and managing various venture capital and impact funds in Africa (TBL Mirror Fund, Safaricom Spark Venture Fund I and II, Africa tech Ventures and Investment Funds for Healthcare in Africa or IFHA).

She is a cofounder and the founding chair of the East Africa Venture Capital Association. Eline furthermore has been advising various impact funds in the field of agriculture, gender balance and media in both Europe and Africa (FAFIN, IDH Farmfit Fund, Vereniging Veronica and Afrishela Fund by Graça Machel trust).

Eline joined IFHA as Partner in 2021.