Kampala Hospital Limited (KHL)

Investment: Kampala Hospital Limited (KHL)
Sector: Health insurance
Location: Uganda
Investment date: Nov 2013
Fund: IFHA-I
Deal type: Growth capital
Exit: May 2014

Kampala Hospital Limited

Kampala Hospital Limited (KHL) is an urban hospital in Uganda with significant growth potential. The total bed capacity is 109 of which 27 beds are currently in use, with another 30 beds almost ready for use with limited investments.

KHL is centrally located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, at Kololo Hill. KHL has a network of experienced, highly regarded and locally well networked specialist consultants from a wide range of specialities. Its service mix includes basic high volume services including maternity care, malaria-related care and simple theatre interventions.

KHL will be positioned as one of Kampala’s top mid-tier private hospitals.