AAR Holdings Limited

Investment: AAR Holdings Limited
Sector: Care Delivery, Health insurance, HMO
Location: Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania
Investment date: Dec 2010
Fund: IFHA-I
Deal type: Growth capital


AAR Holdings Limited (AAR) is the largest private healthcare insurance company in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda) and started operations in 1984.
AAR’s primary business consisted of the evacuation of medical and accident casualties, both by road and air. As memberships increased, so did the client-needs, creating more opportunities to comprehensively provide healthcare packages.

With a current membership of over 160.000, AAR is not only the East African leader in healthcare but is also the preferred provider for both the public and private sectors in East Africa. In December 2010 AAR has 22 health centres spread over Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda; through which preventative and curative healthcare to clients is provided.

Alternative website: https://www.aar-insurance.com/